The coolest and the most contemporary lounge bar located in Vecriga, Old town and the heart of the city of Riga, full of remarkable landmarks. It is a large and stylish space designed in the style of the library and compelled with a wall projector.

MOODS is a rare example of how lounge-bar creates truly privileged space with a maximal comfort level and guest experience: wide and cosy sofas, high and soft bar stools, free-access Wi-Fi and sockets near to each table. All these details are well - considered and designed to provide a pleasant experience both for rest and for business meetings.

Board games sessions, exacting events, and deep house parties hosted by famous DJ’s on weekends. That’s all creates your mood every time. In addition to a la carte menu of cocktails, developed for everybody taste, our visitors are welcome to enjoy snacks, cheese or meat platters, Asian dishes, as well as choose splendid wine from France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Germany carefully selected by our gourmet team.

This diversity is complemented by our water pipes selection. Our dear guests are welcome to enjoy our premium tobacco blends selection and professional water pipes laboratory – we can surprise beginner as well persons who are experienced connoisseurs of water pipes.


Our wine list features about 25 positions carefully selected among the most popular regions of origin including France, Spain, Argentine, Australia, Germany, and Italy.

Our lounge provides a very useful system that allows tasting even the most expensive offers by ordering individual glasses. Special system CORAVIN allows to serve almost all wines from the wine list in individual glasses directly from the closed bottle, at the same time wine will be fresh all the time.

Especially for wine connoisseurs in our restaurant can be ordered thematical wine tasting events complement with an exciting lecture from our wine steward and original snacks selection provided together with a bottle of wine.


MOODS provide only the most valuable premium-class water pipes brands such as
Geometry HOOKAH, Maklaud, Alpha Hooka, VZ Hookah, Wookah, and others.

You will be pleased with a fine selection of tobaccos and blends provide by our
laboratory: Element, Dark Side, Deily Hookah, Tangiers, classical AL Facker, and
many others.

Our professional team provides an individual approach which allows us to satisfy and
please tastes of the most discerning guests.


+371 29860000

Minsterejas iela 8/10, Rīga.


   Kitchen till:
Monday  14:00 - 00:0023:00
Tuesday 14:00 - 00:0023:00
Wednesday 14:00 - 00:0023:00
Thursday 14:00 - 00:0023:00
Friday 14:00 - 02:0023:00
Saturday 14:00 - 02:0023:00
Sunday 14:00 - 00:0023:00



Хеллоуин в Moods. Самые интересные люди всегда у нас.
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Бриедис - Дортикос. Вечер бокса в Moods.
В эту субботу, 26.09.2020, за закрытыми дверьми, без зрителей, состоится финальный бой Супер Серии между латвийцем Майрисом Бриедисом и кубинцем Юниером Дортикосом.
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